Application in catering industry
Store signage cloud SaaS software provides a "steward" service,
Unified and efficient screen control and content services across thousands of stores
Clothing Industry Applications
Use the screen to illuminate the brand store and manage the screen well
Unlimited amplification of brand marketing scenarios
Beauty Industry Applications
In the wave of rejuvenation and personalization in the beauty industry, through LED small spacing, intelligent splicing screen, and cloud shelf system
To empower the brand and capture the young mainstream consumer group
Understand beauty industry solutions 
Automotive Industry Applications
Rich product forms cover key pre-sales nodes in 4S stores, helping to create a high-tech digital automotive store,
Software and hardware integration enables the appreciation of products and services, effectively enhancing brand power
Understand solutions for the automotive industry 
Financial Industry Applications
With more than ten years of industry experience and the latest IT technology,
Fully help China's financial industry quickly promote the standardized construction of the marketing publicity system
Understand financial industry solutions 
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  • 仙视电子科技


  • 仙视电子科技


  • 仙视电子科技


  • 仙视电子科技


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