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Screen digital management expert for retail stores
Goodview has independently researched and developed store sign cloud software, and has 17 years of service experience, with 5000+Service outlets cover 100000 offline stores and manage millions of digital screens.
17 year
Service experience accumulation
5000 +
Number of national service outlets
100,000 family+
Number of stores covered
1,000,000 tower+
Number of management screens
Creative template, simple and efficient
The cloud signage management system breaks the traditional publicity method, saves time and capital costs for the store, and has built-in massive creative templates to flexibly change the showing page, and the program can be
released easily with one click!
Intelligent operation and maintenance, precision marketing
Tens of thousands of stores are managed by time-sharing and zoning, real-time detection and active repair of anomalies, and program encryption and secure transmission layer by layer, effectively improving the digital operation capability of commercial space.
New products
Region A
Region B
Region C
Double passenger flow and increase income
The cloud signage amnagemst system supports screen linkage (linked screen, split screen, synchronization) and multi-functional dynamic creative combination to attract customers to enter the store for consumption and place orders quickly,
and improve store revenue.
Why choose the store Signage cloud ?
The store Signage cloud information release system has six advantages. Thousands of stores have achieved unified backstage management to help brands achieve marketing upgrading.
Which cloud service is suitable for you?
Goodview Provide the agent operation service, overall scheme design, system operation service, content production service, all-weather after-sales service, etc. of the store Signage cloud platform to meet various needs.
software maintenance
Saas cloud service
· Cloud space
1: Provide "cloud" information release platform;
2: Provide cloud platform leasing+cloud data security+data traffic services
(There is no need to deploy servers and rent public clouds separately).
Operation and maintenance service
Cloud service software agent operation
·Agency Operation · Cloud Space
1. Provide "cloud" information publishing platform+cloud data security+basic content+data traffic services;
2: Program release management, operation and maintenance hosting service, cloud label active management service;
3: The system software provides six functional modules, data docking, and dedicated technical support team services.
Platform services
Cloud service rental package
·Agency operation, cloud space, rental equipment
1. Provide "cloud" information publishing platform+cloud data security+basic content+data traffic services;
2: Provide a hardware rental mode, trouble free services for one-stop shop(survey, installation, debugging, menu design, release, operation and maintenance, maintenance), customize the rental plan, regularly upgrade hardware equipment and update content;
3: Add program release management and cloud label active management services;
4: Program release management, operation and maintenance hosting services, information security, and cloud label active management services.
Applicable to various fields
The store Signage cloud is applicable to a variety of fields, such as catering chains, clothing stores, beauty stores, advertising media, banking and finance, health care, government agencies and other digital scenes.
Catering chain
Fashion clothing
Beauty brand
Convenient supermarket
Advertising media
Bank outlets
Medical health
government organs
They are all using
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