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Shanghai Goodview Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Goodview Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, with its headquarters located in Shanghai. It is a world-renowned intelligent business display solution provider With display control technology as its core. Goodview led the digital signage market in sales for 14 consecutive years(The data is sourced from the Discien 2022 Advertising Display Market Report), and ranks third in the global business display market share(The data is sourced from the IDC 2018 Advertising Display Market Report). The company has two research and development bases in Shanghai and Nanjing, with 10 invention patents, more than 280 utility model and appearance patents, and more than 10 software copyrights. For more than ten consecutive years, it has been rated as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai and a cultivation unit for small giant enterprises in Shanghai.

Goodview independent invent commercial terminals with high-end image, processing technology, digital information. It has formed professional digital signage, interactive digital signage, conference tablets, commercial displays, medical outpatient screens, LCD splicing screens, double-sided screens, elevator Internet of Things advertising machines. Based on multiple product lines such as intelligent electronic photo frames, we independently develop software solutions of GTV cloud platform and store signage cloud information publishing, Actively layout the service strategy of "smart hardware+Internet+SaaS", focusing on serving brand chain retail, media, finance, automobile, catering and public places, smart home, etc, Provide new intelligent solutions of "intelligent hardware+Internet plus+new media" for more scenarios, actively welcome the emerging market of "industrial Internet+5G", Create a new online and offline marketing platform, a traditional industry transformed digitally , while meeting the increasingly diverse personalized needs of chain stores, to create a smart and beautiful life.

As a high-tech enterprise,Goodview Electronics always adheres to the business philosophy of "reliable and trustworthy", With its excellent service model and industry technology leadership, our products have been used by more than 2000 digital media, enterprises, and institutions, become a trusted partner for many enterprises at world.


Become a World Giant in Commercial Liquid Crystal Display Product

For products Designed and reliable products,
Production of qualified products
For users Fulfill commitments and
provide high-quality services
For business partners Keep your promise and fulfill it
For employees A safe harbor,
Trusted family
development history
14 Years of Progress and Commitment


The "Store Sign Cloud" system has passed the "National Information System Security Level Protection Certification- "Three level system warranty" certification.


Goodview’s sales volume of digital signage for indoor advertising machines in Chinese Mainland has ranked first, and has been leading for 14 years.(The data is sourced from the Discien 2022 Advertising Display Market Report)

Passed the national GB/T 29490-2013 "Intellectual Property Management System Certification"

It has successively won honors and awards such as "Pudong New Area Enterprise Research and Development Organization", "Shanghai Specialized and Special New" Enterprise, "Most Famous Brand Award" in the Advertising Machine Market, "Top Ten Digital Signage Brand Award", and so on.

Comprehensively upgrade the "store signage cloud" system to provide comprehensive commercial display solutions and "steward" services.


In August, it was rated as "Contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise" and "Quality Service Integrity Unit".

In May, Goodview Smart Digital Photo Frame won the "International Display Application Innovation Gold Award" and Goodview won the annual "Most Influential Brand Award" in the retail intelligence industry.


Goodview was awarded "Excellent Supplier of Government Procurement", honored as "National Independent Innovation Brand", and selected as "Top Ten Competitive (Comprehensive)".


In December, Goodview won awards such as "Ten Year Leading Brand" in the advertising machine field, "Most Famous Brand" in the digital signage industry, "Best Partner in New Retail", and so on.

In September, Goodview participated in the preparation of the "Specification for Elevator Displays - Liquid Crystal Displays" drafted by the China Elevator Association, which was officially released as a standard of the China Elevator Association in 2020.

Goodview 29.2%The digital signage market share of has led the industry and won the double laurels of annual sales and sales volume, ranking first in the advertising machine market in Chinese Mainland for 10 consecutive years (according to the statistics of Ovi Consulting).


Joining CVTE Shiyuan Shares ,The sales volume of Goodview advertising machine digital signage ranks third in the world (according to IDC's 2018 data), second only to Samsung and LG.


Goodview transformation has achieved initial results and won the "Best Creative Application Award for New Retail".


Goodview was awarded the "Best Partner of Chinese Fast Food".


Goodview has established a strategic partnership with LG of South Korea to create a new pattern in the field of commercial display in China.


Goodview won the "Best Industry Achievement Award" in the advertising machine and digital signage industry.


Seven products independently developed by Goodview were recognized as "Shanghai High and New Technology Achievement Transformation Project" by the Shanghai High and New Technology Achievement Transformation Project Recognition Office, and in the same year, Goodview was awarded the "Top Ten National Brands".


Goodview won the "International Teaching New Instrument and Equipment Award" and was selected as the recommended brand for "China's Safe City Construction".


In June, a production base of 46000 square meters was established in Jiashan, Zhejiang, and a new interactive LCD electronic whiteboard solution was launched.

It has been recognized by Shanghai as a "technology giant cultivation enterprise" and has been selected as the "Top 10 recommended brands of security products" for many consecutive years.


A joint laboratory has been established with the Shanghai University of Technology Optical Film Center to focus on the development of "commercial video" products.


Successfully developed and launched "V" series, "L" series products and diversified LCD digital posters, which are widely used in the global market.


Started to enter the field of digital posters, developed 20-inch digital posters and put them into the market in batches.


Goodview has been recognized by Shanghai as a "patent work cultivation enterprise", and has independently successfully developed DID large screen LCD splicing series and LCD monitor series products. The "built-in splicing technology" has won the national utility model patent.


Won the title of "Shanghai High tech Enterprise" and established a product quality testing centerCan do vibration, drop, high and low temperature experiments, and develop a full range of LCD advertising machine products.


Goodview Electronics was established in Jinqiao Development Zone, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Is the elevator advertising leader "Focus Media" advertising machine equipment supplier.

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