Every day in a meeting
You really have a “real” meeting?
Pre-meeting preparation is tedious / complex wiring / traditional equipment is not clear
Former conference room
Modern conference room
Wireless screen, fast and stable
Built-in double network card , Projection screen
Wireless screen technology, provide more clear, more fluid for projection screen experience; Projection screen can be directly project on the main screen to turn pages, notation,
interaction is more flexible.
Double network card
support spilt screen in 4
support projection screen reverse control
support projection
screen writing
hardware projection
4k HD demonstrate
*Screen transmitters are purchased separately
software projection screen
Convenient and efficient
Fluent writing
Touchable writing go with gesture operation,
support the back of hand erasure,
easy to clean the screen
Multi-person simultaneous writing
The back of hand quickly erased
20 points touch control
3D rotation easily
Support 20 points touch, induction is rapid, demonstrate 3D view
Can rotate through touch display, mark key points, explain easily
One-stop enterprise procurement, video conference solution
Conference equipment one-stop shopping, match the video conference solution for you
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