Goodview interactive whiteboard L series

Make writing smoother and meetings more efficient.

Goodview 会议平板敏畅版

Integrate six functions into one display
A tractor serves several purposes

Its appearance is designed for new integrated all-metal and more stylish.
The performance is excellent. It can support various functions to help you easily deal with complicated meetings.

  • computer
  • 4K HD display
  • Projector
  • Audio
  • Remote video conference
  • Writing whiteboard

Wireless screen casting, easy to connect

Adopt a new connection and display mode.
Computer, cell phone and tablet can wirelessly cast screen in real time with one click.
Up to 9 signals can be received through hard decoding technology,
enabling content sharing between 9 party devices and making meetings more efficient.

  • Multi-screen
  • Reverse
  • Touch back

Intelligent writing
Let you record your inspirations anytime

With a touch writing pen, you will have a perfect original handwriting writing experience.
It also has practical writing functions such as backhand erasing and mobile dragging to help you collaborate efficiently in meetings.

  • Flexible writing
  • Record annotations
  • Page turning function
  • Zoom in and out
  • Mobile roaming
  • Gesture erasure

Built-in various small tools,
making work more efficiently

Built-in various small tools, making work more efficiently Smart add multi-dimensional graphics, tables, sticky notes, automatic recognition of graphics, stretchable and rotatable measuring tape and various other small tools. Let you express yourself freely, making work more efficiently.

Built-in MindLinker video conferencing software

It can support 500 parties to meet at the same time, which greatly reduces the cost of using the enterprise. Off-site communication, smooth connection at any time.
Support communicate in different locations and connect at any time.

Rich application interface of Independent wireless module

There are wireless and Bluetooth independent split module with high stability and confidentiality. Has rich interfaces and extended functions to meet a variety of application scenarios.
You can connect to computer and display large screen without restriction, making meetings more efficient.

Full lamination of glass and LCD panel

The glass is fully laminated to the LCD panel,
reducing reflections and effectively solving the problem of humidity and fogging.
The movement trajectory of pen tip and handwriting is close to the same.

Provide an auditory feast

Adopted 4 mid-tweeters, independent woofers with special cavity structure, wide frequency range from 100Hz to 20KHz, support intelligent EQ switching, human voice mode, restore the real human voice in the video. Creating rich, delicate and wide sound effects to provide an auditory feast.

Wide frequency range from 100Hz to 20KHz

4 sets of speakers

Surround stereo

True 4K, extra-large, ultra-thin, ultra-high definition

It has a highly integrated slim metal body and a beautiful technological appearance.
There is a 4K ultra-high definition picture that can truly restore every detail.

会议平板电容系列 GM65C1

Android & Windows dual system

It equips with Android 8.0 system and also can choose OPS computer to extend the Windows system.
You also can connect HDMI cables to external box and other devices to meet the diversified needs, improving the use of space and efficiency of the interactive whiteboard greatly.

会议平板电容系列 GM65C1
会议平板系列旗舰版 GM55X1 会议平板系列旗舰版 GM55X1 会议平板系列旗舰版 GM55X1

Two types of installation to meet different needs

Application cases

Interactive whiteboards are widely used in business, medical, finance, manufacturing, education, training and many other industries.
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