The gourmet breakthrough is just around the corner, with Goodview making digital store information dissemination more precise


A large screen has unexpectedly become a "customer acquisition artifact" for businesses. As the leading giant in the global fast-food franchising sector, with the application of Goodview store information display screen service solutions, both market performance and brand value have seen significant improvement.


In today's fiercely competitive catering market, besides competing on price and menu, efforts must also be put into service experience. Attracting customers to enter is undoubtedly the key to enhancing user experience. The emergence of smart electronic menus has brought challenges and exploration of new store scenes for the catering industry, especially for leading chain brands. Goodview's digital menu solution is helping catering stores reduce costs and increase efficiency through technological means, enrich store experience, improve sales efficiency, and extend brand content output.



Digital menus bring digital information promotion assistance to chain stores

Industry surveys show that traditional stores often face many pain points in operation and promotion. With a variety of brand store types and a large number of commercial display screens, each with different needs, management is extremely difficult. At the same time, different stores have different promotion strategies, and the traditional process of content publishing through USB drives is cumbersome and prone to errors. Moreover, the intertwining of multiple systems leads to low efficiency in manual operations, frequent problems such as content program design, personnel errors, and screen failures. These pain points make many stores urgently need professional service support.


"The new menu is really bright, and the signature dishes look appetizing. Information dissemination is also particularly simple," said a store manager of a certain chain catering giant. The brand has over 34,000 stores in more than 90 countries and regions worldwide, posing management challenges due to its vast system. However, since equipping with Goodview's unified electronic menu, the problem has been solved. The menu has high brightness and saturation, anti-glare high fidelity, delicate animation display, and lifelike dishes, which are eye-catching and have significantly increased order rates.



In addition to product displays, consumers can also intuitively understand product information without the need for manual menu switching by store staff, thereby improving store efficiency. The wide-angle digital screens provide more convenience to consumers, with a wider range of visibility and deeper information coverage. Consumers can decide on their orders while queuing. This digital information dissemination model establishes a customer-centric promotion strategy, gaining favor from consumers, improving customer experience, and reducing pressure on IT operations departments.


Personalized service solutions enhance the digital operation capabilities of store commercial spaces

Goodview's self-developed digital signage embeds store signage cloud system, realizing clear connection between brand headquarters and various store display terminals, intelligent management, unified store names, and efficient unified backend management. The bi-directional linkage between Goodview's store signage cloud and digital signage enables one-click synchronization of programs, efficient management, and easy information dissemination process.



Goodview's store signage cloud system adapts to the display needs of multiple industries, with built-in various industry templates and combined with intelligent split-screen technology to create interesting layouts that attract attention. Digital signage supports free combination of videos, images, text, and other content, establishing a digital marketing system for brands, solving screen management problems, and enhancing the digital operation capabilities of commercial spaces.


As a high-tech enterprise, Goodview focuses on commercial display terminals with high-end image display, processing technology, and digital information as its core, with products widely used in digital media and enterprises. In the digital transformation of chain brands, new consumer brands, shopping centers, and other formats, Goodview tailors personalized solutions to meet diverse market demands, contributing outstanding strength to the development of physical industries and smart living.

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