Goodview made an appearance at InfoComm USA 2023 Exhibition once again

From June 14th to June 16th, CVTE Group's leading Chinese commercial display brand, Goodview, made a dazzling appearance at the InfoComm USA 2023, the international professional audiovisual integration equipment and technology exhibition held recently in the United States. They showcased a feasible and intelligent overall solution for commercial displays that caught the attention of many brand customers.



Entering the featured exhibition hall built by Goodview at InfoComm USA 2023, visitors were greeted with a highly replicated authentic coffee culture atmosphere and a sense of freshness in the familiar yet innovative clothing brand store. The high-brightness showcase screens, ranging from 700cd/to 3500cd/, attracted attention throughout the day with stunning color displays. Real-time information about new arrivals, popular items, and promotional packages were continuously presented in a visually impactful manner, combining the grandeur of celebrating thousands of stores with the personalized presentation of each individual store. Innovative applications such as screen linking, synchronized display, and interactive features were also showcased, offering a variety of information presentation methods.


Goodview's latest GUQ series of cloud digital signage commercial displays offer a convenient and exquisite expression of brand product information with an ultra-wide color gamut and lifelike picture quality. The electronic frames with original anti-glare matte screens bring a stylish texture, while the multi-dimensional linkage creates a competitive menu atmosphere. The fantastic presentation of diverse creative design content in both horizontal and vertical spaces firmly captures the attention of consumers. 



Creating "anchor points" in complex and dazzling environments, Goodview demonstrates the broad value space of commercial displays in empowering offline brands. This has earned widespread acclaim at this industry event, which brings together over 40,000 professional brand customers from around the world.


These visually striking audiovisual presentations, rich in diversity and impact, break through the "ceiling" of brand image building and promotional efforts. However, the surprises that Goodview brings to brand users go far beyond this.



In the post-pandemic era, both domestic and international brands have gradually begun the process of recovery, with many brands focusing their efforts on expanding their presence in the offline market. However, due to various factors, both overseas brand stores and domestic brand offline expansion face significant challenges. A series of unresolved issues have become "bottlenecks" hindering the growth of businesses.

- How to highlight brand characteristics and create brand memories in intense market competition?

- How to create a personalized experiential space and leave a lasting impression on consumers for repeat purchases in a homogenized service environment?

- How to stand out from the uniform brand presentations and achieve strong customer attraction?


At InfoComm USA 2023, Goodview has also made a major upgrade to its "Store Signage Cloud" service. Based on "smart hardware + internet + SaaS," this service greatly expands the level of traditional brand store retail information presentation while achieving convenient, efficient, and cost-effective backend system management.



With this all-in-one retail display solution system service, brand store information display and management can be as simple as posting on social media. It not only greatly improves management efficiency but also provides answers for increasing revenue and efficiency in stores. It takes the value of digital management in the new era to a whole new level.


As one of the leading brands in the commercial display industry, Goodview has been focusing on high-end image display, processing technology, and digital information as its core in the past 18 years. With its independent research and development, Goodview has created a series of innovative products that cater to the deep needs of brand customers. It has gained widespread recognition from international brand customers such as KFC. Goodview is ranked first in the Chinese market and is globally recognized as one of the top players in the digital signage market, second only to Samsung and LG in terms of shipment volume (according to IDC data for the second quarter of 2018).



Goodview's stunning performance at the largest and most influential top-level professional audiovisual display technology industry event once again proves its strong overall product competitiveness in the global intelligent commercial display arena.


Bringing "reliable and trustworthy" intelligent commercial display solutions to users has always been Goodview's consistent goal. The outstanding product performance at this exhibition not only surpasses users' expectations but also addresses the long-standing weaknesses in brand store operations. It also provides a feasible path for brands to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the digital age.


In the future, Goodview, as a provider of intelligent commercial display solutions that excels in reputation and reliability, will continue to make efforts in proactively addressing the diversified challenges in various industries. It will bring more valuable solutions to users and work together with global partners to empower Chinese brands and set a new benchmark for Chinese innovation.




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