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As an important touchpoint in the retail operation process, commercial displays serve as a crucial medium for conveying brand values. Goodview leverages digital signage as an entry point to help offline stores enhance brand value and increase revenue.


The "reliable" product quality is the fundamental guarantee for retailers to achieve efficient operation and maintenance of digital stores.


Goodview has been awarded the title of "Specialized, Refined, Unique, and New" Enterprise by the Shanghai Municipal Government and recognized as a "R&D Institution of Pudong New Area". It has been selected for several years as the "Most Well-known Brand Award" in the advertising machine market, demonstrating its high recognition for product quality and brand awareness.



The digital signage industry is facing new security threats. The potential impact of digital signage attracts hackers who continuously attempt to enter brand digital systems, leading to an increasing number of incidents where inappropriate images or information are displayed. This has caused significant negative impacts on brands and has resulted in unnecessary public relations troubles.


In order to safeguard user information security from threats, Goodview, starting from the security aspect of information publishing, obtained the "National Information System Security Level Protection Certification - Level 3 System Protection" certification for its "Store Signage Cloud" system in January 2023. This comprehensive solution provided for commercial displays in retail stores ensures the content security of digital signage and establishes Goodview as a trusted service provider for users.


For the past 14 years, Goodview has consistently focused on innovation and service in its core product - digital signage. It has been dedicated to designing, producing, and delivering high-quality products that are reliable and meet stringent standards. This commitment ensures that every choice and experience of brand users is secure and guaranteed.


To our customers: A promise is worth a thousand gold coins, and we strive to fulfill our commitments.




Goodview has always strived to achieve high-quality excellence and meet the expectations of users to the best of its ability. Along the way, it has received numerous affirmations and accolades.


Goodview's Journey (Past Five Years)


2019: Goodview was honored with awards such as "Decade Leading Brand" in the field of advertising machines, "Digital Signage Industry," "Most Well-known Brand," and "Best Partner in New Retail."


2020: Goodview was honored as an "Excellent Supplier for Government Procurement," selected as a "National Independent Innovation Brand," and was chosen as one of the "Top Ten Competitiveness (Comprehensive Category)."


2021: Goodview's intelligent digital photo frame won the "International Display Application Innovation Gold Award," and Goodview received the annual "Most Influential Brand Award" in the retail intelligent industry.


2022: Goodview maintains its position as the top-selling indoor advertising machine and digital signage in mainland China, leading for fourteen consecutive years.



2023: The "Store Signage Cloud" system has obtained the "National Information System Security Level Protection Certification - Level Three System Security Protection" certification.


Behind these affirmations and awards is the result of decades of relentless efforts, and it is also thanks to the company's well-established quality management system. The company has established a product quality testing center, where each product must undergo tests such as "vibration, drop, high and low temperature," to ensure its quality before it is released into the market.



The process review steps are rigorous:

From material control to process review, strict adherence to the necessary steps is followed, with multiple confirmations, validations, and screening of issues.


Product quality inspection is guaranteed:

Multiple instruments are used to analyze the product vertically and horizontally, simulate and use them in advance to ensure the safety and reliability of the product.


Continuous improvement to the finest detail:


Continuously optimizing processes, improving the quality of the team, and making incremental innovations to provide users with an excellent experience. In the past, Goodview has consistently been the top seller in the indoor advertising digital signage market in mainland China, leading for fourteen years. In the future, we will be more sensitive to touch and user needs, deeply exploring and continuously innovating. We will fulfill our commitment and provide retail businesses with more professional services.


Honor is the best testimony, and Goodview is always on the path of progress.

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